Structural Water Pressure Tanks and Vessels

Established in 1954 as “Structural Fibers”, the organization initially created air ship and protection segments. That immediately changed when Structural built up a licensed procedure that reformed the water treatment showcase by presenting small composite weight vessels.

Structural rapidly turned into the perceived world pioneer in weight vessel innovation, extending its product offering with bigger tanks for mechanical applications.

A huge and developing product offering keeps us first on our clients’ rundowns for profundity and expansiveness. Extending from private weight vessels for water softening and filtration to composite vessels for mechanical water applications, Structural offers more with many esteem driven adornments intended to make establishment and administration simpler.



Structural takes pride in its work, and offer great customer support for its vessels and tanks. We will work closely with our customers to develop and supply water vessels that best suit their needs. Need a custom water vessel or tank? Structural will be able to customise and suit your every requirements.


Structural believes that a product must be of good quality in order to succeed. At Structural, our engineers and research and development team work hand-in-hand to develop products of the higher quality. Our extensive and established manufacturing experience allows us to choose the best raw materials that suit our customers requirement. Additionally, we use the best manufacturing techniques to ensure the high quality of our products. We check and inspect every product that we build to ensure that you don’t have to.

Structural tanks are CE PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) certified, which is the basic requirement for the EU market.

Structural tanks are covered with a five year warranty.

Your investment in a structural tank will allow you to increase your productivity, while reducing headaches.

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