Pentair Water Pressure Vessels and Tanks

Pentair is a recognised global corporation that specialises in water treatment and contributes to the safety of filtered water.

Pentair has a huge international presence, employing over 30,000 employees and serving customers around the world. We are the head company of a number of renowned brands such as SIATA, Fleck, STRUCTURAL, etc. We are able to provide products of unparalleled quality and performance due to our established presence in the water treatment scene. We understand our customers and develop our products based on their requirements. Furthermore, our advanced manufacturing facility and expirence ensures the consistency of our water treatment solutions.




At Pentair we feel compelled to develop the best water treatment systems in order to benefit the people. We want to ensure that everybody has access to clean and safe filtered water, thus improving the lives of people around the world.


At Pentair, we look ahead and chart our next move in the water treatment industry. We believe the only way to succeed is the continuous innovation of our products. Currently, we have an extensive and well-established research team that continuously innovates, and find new ways to improve our water treatment products. This is so that we are able to provide our customers with high quality, robust and reliable products, and allows us to contribute to the safety of filtered water.


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