Filter Media – Sand

SIATA Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is able to supply our customers with a wide range of sand filter media to suit our customers every requirements. The filter sand that we supply are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, which ensures high quality filtered water. Our filter sand also improves filtering efficiency by reducing retention time and head pressure loss with greater flow rates. Most of all, when you purchase your filter media requirements from SIATA, you can be sure that the filtering material are fully tested, certified and approved prior to delivery.


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View the different types of filter sands:

1. Anthracite

SIATA filter media anthracite








Anthracite is a hard, compact assortment of mineral coal. It has a high gloss finish. It also has the most elevated carbon content, the least pollutions, and the most astounding calorific substance of a wide range of coal, which likewise incorporate bituminous coal and lignite.

Anthracite coal is utilized broadly in water filtration and in water treatment as a result of its incredible filtration properties. Anthracite coal is a top quality coal that comprises of hard, tough coal particles that come in different sizes. Anthracite is utilized alongside silica sand (double media framework) or with silica sand and channel shake (blended media framework) or by itself (mono media framework).

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2. Filter Garnet

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Garnet sand is utilized as a bolster layer in a multi-media filtration framework. Garnet occurs naturally and is a gem mineral with uniform physical, synthetic, hardness, friability and smaller scale structure qualities, which give the basic properties to water and mechanical concoction filtration forms. Applications for garnet sand go from little, single-media channels to advanced commercial systems. Garnet sand helps to expel suspended particles from chemical as well as water filtration process.

In light of its hardness, high gravity and the pounds per cubic foot, garnet sand, when used correctly, remains in its own particular layer holding down the layers underneath amid discharge. The layers over the garnet sand are lighter in weight (per cubic foot) and accordingly they lift during backwash and discharge the “floc” cleaning of the filter media. The Garnet sand is not used to replace silica sand but rather to support it. Garnet sand is so sturdy and substantial that the layers above will be renewed or replaced well before the garnet and filter rock layers are replaced. In this manner, time and cash are spared by utilizing garnet sand in a filtering framework.

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3. Filter Gravel

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Filter gravel is utilized as a support media to filter sand and coal in water filters.

For most extreme effectiveness, filter gravel must have the important qualities of hardness and physically rounded.

River Sands Filter Gravel is a hard, round, predominantly quartz. The filter rock, similar to filter sand, contains hard tough particles with a moderate breakdown rate. This help to prolong filter media life.

The rock is is available in three standard sizes which successfully supports the filter media.

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4. Filter Sand

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River Sands filter sand is sourced from various areas to guarantee consistent physical forms, size, spherity and hardness for the most proficient filtering of water.

Testing over various years has additionally demonstrated that River Sands filter sand has a moderate breakdown rate, ensuring a longer filtration time. It also has incredible backwashing attributes, especially when utilised in part of a double media filtration system with filter coal.

All of River Sands channel sand is processed through a best in class manufacturing plant for triple washing and pre-measuring. The filter sand is then dried and measured to your specifications by sending it over a progression of vibrating screens with variable sizes and consistent coefficients ensured.

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